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Day 115-116



Whats up everyone, like i said everything is going pretty well. My doc told me to stay for one more month (equaling 5 total) but I leave for vacation very soon in about a week so Im cutting it short one month. My face is pretty damn clear but this damn huge cyst in my ear is back not as bad but still hurt like hell. I might have to pop it late on but till now its just a bit swelled up. Honestly cant remember the last time i had one of those puss filled actives.. feels good to say that lol.

Cant believe how fast time has past tbh.. if you guys have instagram I put an account only for acccutane

User: Accutaner27

Feel free to leave some feedback, i also follow back.

Side effects are really starting to wear me down..

Lethargic as fuck

Chapped lips and skin

No more bloody nose tho :)

Bit of back pain.

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