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Week 2

I have been using my topical creams Finacea Gel and Ziana Gel for about a week now. I have been applying Finacea Gel after washing my face in the morning. I have been applying Ziana Gel after removing my makeup and washing my face at night. I apply moisturizer to my face after the the gel's have absorbed into my skin for a few minutes. My skin looks worse than before I started using these topical treatments...I hope that this is just my skin purging. I understand that retanoids take a few months to work and cause purging when you begin using them--hopefully this is what is happening. Below are pictures of my face after a shower and before applying anything to my skin.


I have broke out bascially all over my skin--especially my chin, jawline, forehead, and cheeks. My blackheads or hyperpigmentation has not changed since I started using these topical treatments.

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Retinoids are a tough road as you already know but give it 3 months and be patient. Good Luck in your journey.

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I agree with leelowe1. Retinoids always make your acne appear worse for the first 6 weeks. After that, it will slowly improve until week 12. By week 12, 3-month mark, you will see positive results.

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