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Day 1



So, hello everybody!

I know that all of us are here because we suffer some skin problems otherwise we won't be wasting out time on forums, blogs and sites to find out valuable information on how to cure your skin.

I have a combination skin which is oily on my T-zone with visible pores (rather big ones). IT could sound not that awful if not the acne problem which is with me for (let me think...) 11 (!!!) years. Firstly, I thought those were growing-up years (almost everybody, we were not perfect in our 14-something) but seems like no if I'm nearly 25 and acne still exists in my life. Then I was blaming hormones but thanks god, my reproductive system works well (according to the results of the tests and hilarious bills for my gynaecologist). I don't smoke, don't...(well, drinking is not banned! We live in a free country, no?), don't take drugs (Jesus Christ), don't eat all that junk food from McDonald's and so on and so forth. Then...WHYYYY???

Since now, I drink lots of water (everyone's saying it to me...seems like, it helps if they scream about it everywhere).

I will reconsider my eating habbits (no more milk and so loved by me cheeses)

I will start looking for a cosmetologist who can prescribe me something that simply works.

So, here, today, I promise myself to find the way out in my horrible case and will be looking for a "wonderful something" that will help me to get rid off my acne forever! Amen.

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