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Week 12 Of Spiro

Hello! So sorry I have been MIA for the past month and a bit! My skin is doing really good though!

So Right now I have maybe two small pimples happening. But quite a few little bumps that I think are blackheads.

I had two really big ones for the past week and half and they are finally settling down but they stuck out really badly because the rest of my skin looks really clear.

My forehead is clear of the little bumps. I use MURAD's spot treatment on my forehead and cheeks despite there not being any acne atm and that seems to keep it at bay.

I also use GlamGlow or a Murad sulfur mask once a week to detox from the humidity and makeup!

I am still on 50mg twice a day and am seeing my gynaecologist in the next week to review whether I should stay on or not. She didn't have hope for Spiro working for my oily skin and acne but it has so Im keen to stay on it!

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