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Generation Beauty In L.a.



A year ago a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to L.A. for a beauty convention. Being the lazy person that I am, I said nah and didn't think anything of it. She came back the following week and was going on and on about all the awesome FREE goodies she got and how she got to meet some of the biggest makeup youtube stars like Promise Phan, Michelle Phan, etc.

I immediately bought my ticket ($50) for the next Generation Beauty event which happened over the weekend. C'mon, she had me at free AHAHAHA!

Here's my outfit of the day on Saturday. (Also, all of these pictures are jacked from my instagram so I can't be bothered to watermark them.)


And my OOTD on Sunday


For the record, I was in those wedges the WHOLE. FREAKING. TIME. my feet are currently threatening to curl up into a cramp every so often now...mercy.

Anyway back to Generation Beauty on Saturday...

The first person I ran into that was just hanging around was Nikki Phillippi! She was so sweet and energetic...I did take a picture with her but the pictures taken on my camera were blurry so I didn't want to upload it >__< but she was so warm and sweet!

I was ever so slightly in disbelief that I actually met a youtuber in person. When my friend and I were walking away I said to her, "I WANT TO SEE PROMISE T______T"

My friend makes this face: -_____- and says, "look straight ahead of you."

Less than 6 feet away was PROMISE PHAN GAHHH @__@! I honestly thought I was the kind of person who was immune from being starstruck but I seriously kinda fan girl-ed omg. I got a picture with her and I don't even know what I was babbling about because I was so excited and didn't expect to see her wandering around ahahaha. She asked me which vid of hers I liked and things like that. She was really sweet and was so kind. When I stumbled away all starstruck, I was scrolling though my phone and noticed my photos I took with her were blurry T___T Luckily, there was a meet and greet on Sunday so I had another chance to take a picture!

The next person we spotted was missglamorazzi, Ingrid. I was like " omgggg o__o;;!" because I did enjoy her vids back in the day .They're a bit unrelatable to me nowadays so I unsubscribed about a year ago. I went up to say hi and I got a picture with her. To my surprise though she wasn't as warm as I thought she would be in person. She wasn't mean or rude by any means but her in person demeanor didn't match her bubbly personality in her vids.

My friend also told me on Sunday, that she saw Ingrid walking around the perimeter of the event with a friend or two and she totally ignored people who were trying to say hi x: That seemed a bit off to me >___> I mean she's as successful as she is now because of her viewers so the least she could do was acknowledge the girls/guys who were trying to say hi right? Oh well x:

Later in the afternoon, I went out to get some food at the food trucks outside. Holycrap. Overpriced and not worth it but I was so hungry sigh. I actually spotted eleventhgorgeous sitting not too far away too. I'm not subbed to them because their vids don't reel me in so I didn't feel the need to say hi.

I got to take a picture with Nicole Guerriero and she was freaking awesome x's1000! She gave me one of the best hugs ever and was so genuine. Seriously, she was so approachable and happy to see her viewers!


Also I met Sid from Siddielove and Charis from charismastar! I also met SecretLifeofABioNerd, KL (pronounced Kayle) but our picture turned out a bit blurry so I didn't upload it. All four girls are super awesome and if you haven't seen them on youtube yet, please do! They're amazing girls for sure.

And I met Lex from madeyewlook! She was drawing nyx products on her model with...nyx products XD We were chatting away for a good hour and she was super engaging throughout the whole process. Did I mention super talented as well? So chill, down to earth and funny too.

This was when I got the idea to have people sign the back of my name tag as a keepsake! Pretty neat idea eh?

I went into full derp mode and couldn't take our picture properly so lex took our picture for us ahaha


Sunday was designated all day for meet and greets! Each youtuber had a time frame they'd be showing up so there was a que that formed (obviously).

While I was waiting for Promise I saw Andrea from Andreaschoice. And okay, like, wtf. Why is every youtuber so TINY. They're all so cute and pocket sized o__o


Yay for clear and cute pictures XD! We got to talk and it was so awesome >__<! She even said I kinda looked like her little sister and yeah, I went into fan girl mode >___>;;

My friend and I actually ran into her near the end of the convention again and snagged another last minute picture XD


We saw her walking around barefoot by the end of the convention too. Apparently her shoes were killing her feet. I asked her where did she put her shoes then and Promise replied, "I put them in the break room....I hope they're still there o__o" XD

She then says to me, "I know you like me for sure cause you've been back to see me like three times XD" OMG @___@ embarssing but true ahahaha.


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee o__o!! It's Michelle Phan and I freaking tower over her! It's crazy to see how far she's come. I was babbling like a silly person but she was really nice and was really supportive in her replies to my comments and questions. Her skin is flawless too -shakes fists @__@!-


OMG CASS WAS THERE. Diamondsandheels14. She was a complete sweetheart. I never ever ever ever thought I would meet her in person. I'm so happy I got the chance to talk to her and let her know how brave and awesome she is! If there's one thing you guys take away from this post it's to go to youtube and watch her vids. She's just such an optimistic person, it's infectious! She even remembered my name when she saw me later and I pretty much lost it ahahaha >___>;;


Here are the big ticket freebies I got! Just so you guys know, this is only about 1/4 of the free stuff I got. I had a lot more eyeliners, polishes, lip glosses, balms, lotions and potions but I gave them to friends and stuff. Over the span of 2 days I received 4 full sized cargo mascaras....which retails for $22 each o___o

The full sized cargo blushers, em lipsticks and bare mineral veils pretty much covered the cost of my ticket and parking fees.

I definitely had fun and will most likely go again next year XD I know this isn't a skincare oriented post but I thought it would be fun to share anyway. See you guys later :V

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