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Day 17



Continually improving. Each day I wake up I have less acne. Even though my skin is still far from perfect, I am more confident just knowing I am just several months away from that perfection. My lips are still tight and my scalp is still itchy. I started globing on the Waxelene which helps me resist the urge to pick at my lips.

Tonight my best friend gets back from her month long trip to Chile (so jealous). A group of us are going to World of Beer to catch up before she leaves for Georgetown Law. Not only does she travel the world and is a genius (graduated summa cum laude), but she also has the most beautiful "dewy" skin I have ever seen. Hopefully soon mine will be all the same...but the point of all this was the drinking. I have heard mixed reviews on drinking and accutane. I am not the type that drinks to get obliterated. So I am just curious if I will be okay after a couple beers.

It is summer in Florida and I am pasty white (as you can see).

Cruising, sunbathing, tanning. I may have been oily, but at least I had some color and wasn't a complete mask of acne. Friends are going to the beach and pool. I cant.

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