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Day 101-102 Hit The Hunna Mark Ay!



Well what can I say... I really needed this weekend, it showed me I can be my old self again. In the hot sun of Key Largo, FL, home to the biggest party during Memorial Day weekend, there was a man with 80 % of his face cleared up along with his trusty tools named confidence and swagger, pouring right out of him. Now we all know we hate seeing ourselves in the naked sun due to our marks and acne glistening out for everyone to see. However I was so much more confident with everything I did, I used to be so conscious of my actions like what if my face is this or that, yet this just past weekend its like all that was almost a dream...

Over these past couple of weekends I've become 20x better than I used to be about 2 months ago, never thought I'd see the day where I actually talk to girls with no type of worry but my trusty tools and a very sly and slick mouth.. haha. I have met so many chicks this past two weekends that has just brought a huge smile just thinking about how calm and collect I was.

Btw random chick that stayed at my place was on Accutane as well and was begging for chap stick, I made sure I brought a shit ton so I decided to give her one. She was tanning like there was no tomorrow which surprised me cause I was all worried about getting some weird sun burn.

Side effects, like I said Im on 80 Mgs but thinking of going back up to 100 Mgs just to get my face as clear as possible before my two trips. Anyways,

Dry lips

A bit of Dry skin

Nosebleeds have diminished though not completely.

Nose is super dry.

Don't feel as lethargic, I guess its the good vibes haha.

Well till next time, I promise to keep doing follow ups even after my ending with Accutane just cause I feel like I could help so many other people out there going through this same BS.


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Thanks for the follow ups! I started 80 mg yesterday and am so happy--I was shocked that my derm said okay to that dosage since I'm 5'9" and 130 lbs. My main problem is skin oiliness with mild but stubborn acne. Best of luck to you!

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