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Day 23



I just wanted to make a quick update and say that the remaining blemishes I had on my face are healing rather quickly. My face is even less red/inflamed looking and, so far, I don't see any new pimples.

I had a tiny whitehead on both my chin and my forehead and they basically disappeared overnight without any kind of treatment.

I'm seeing great improvement in just the past 3 days! Getting excited...!

P.S. I have no peeling or dryness, on the contrary, I feel my face is a bit more oily now. When I was using Tazorac, the same thing happened. I was oily for the first month or so then it evened out so it's not something I'm concerned with.

Just wanted to post the progress. Hope everyones week is going well :)

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I am so glad you are doing well with your course! I am having a decent week, thanks for the kind wishes! Us acne sufferers have to stick together.

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