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Quick Update!

About 2.5 months on Isotretinoin (Accutane) and I'm seeing very nice results at this stage. My face has cleared up very nicely and my skins looks smoother and my pores look much smaller. Right now I am very happy with the results! The acne on my back and shoulders hasn't completely cleared up, but the dermatologist say that typically takes longer before results are noticed (compared to the face). I do still have some big red acne marks (scars), but I believe that the redness will fade over time. I still have a ways to go, but I am so happy to see results at this stage in the game. I do realize that things could change at any moment, but right now I'm happy with the results.

Skin is dry but very manageable with moisturizer. (CeraVe at night and Cetaphil with spf in the am)

Lips are dry but not too bad with help. Chap stick has been a great friend (Aquaphor at night with chap stick)

Scalp is not itchy or dry anymore (I found that head and shoulders 2in1 itchy scalp care works best for me)

Still on 80mg a day

Derm visit and blood work early June

Staying positive. Hang in there to those of your on the Accutane journey! Not easy, but worth it in the end

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