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So, my skin has gotten a little better. Only a few cysts, smoother skin--just generally looking a bit healthier.

I have not been following my diet very strictly ( exams). I've also decided to tweak it slightly so that I don't become a miserable hermit. Eliminating certain food groups to reduce inflammation is one thing......but the stress that the diet was causing was nixing any good effects from it as far as acne goes. So, I'm focusing on no dairy and no sugar, and then just trying to choose as many gluten free and low glycemic food options as possible.

I also got my blood drawn (by an extremely incompetent nurse.....I had to remind her how to do it correctly--mamma mia). So hopefully, those results have been sent to my dermatologist and will be interpreted soon. I know SOMETHING is hormonally wrong......but I wanna know what and how to fix it. *fingers crossed*

Aczone, on the other F*cking insurance. It costs over 700 dollars. 700 DOLLARS. Ouch. And my insurance is throwing an absolute fit over it. Everyday, I'm calling the pharmacy and the doctor's office, trying to figure out what's going on......*sigh* So I'm praying it goes through and the coupon ends up working so that I can use it. Even this early on, it seems to be helping. My supply is rapidly dwindling though, and my dermatology office is out of samples.

I've also been lowering the dose of my mental health medication. I'm down quite a bit now and doing quite well, surprisingly. (Okay, there were a few crisis days in there, but it's all cool now). This decision is not just based on acne--I have a lot of other personal reasons for doing this that I won't get into. But I'm really hoping that my skin will get better the more I titrate down.

Side note related to that--leanna123, I am so sorry. I'm so glad you're doing better now. (((hug)))

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