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A Month And A Week, I Think


Face: still only one very very stubborn cyst left (its going away, but it is definitely taking its sweet time). stikl keep having those stubborn little zits all over random spots on my face (around 5 or so). the little spots come and go everyday. They are small and some are even flesh colored so its not a huge deal, but its annoying. Honestly, I think its from the benzoyl peroxide . I am giong to try to stop using it except on my cystic zits starting tomorrow (I already used it today before I came to the benzoyl-related conclusion). I think my skin is just too sensitive for it. The cysts do fine with it, but any other imperfection that I have been putting it on hasn't been responding well.

Back: ALMOST CLEAR! I have been an emotional rollercoaster about my back. It was horrible about 2 months ago. I mean horrible and inflammed like crazy. Then about 3 weeks ago it was almost completely clear...then wham (when i wrote my last update) I got a bunch of zits again. I was still using the benzoyl every day and I didn't know why my back just randomly freaked out. Well, its under control now and it is on its way to clear. hyperpigmentation (like on my face) is an issue, of course, but I'm just ready to wear bathing suits or tank tops so I don't even care about it anymore. still using BP all over back.

Chest: the random break out went away. still have one small one (its going away though).


BP spot treatment on face

BP all over on back

BP spot treatment on chest

combination skin lotion on face a million times a day (trying to cut back, but I have so many dry areas...)

face wash only once a day if I can handle it

rinsing with cold water in morning and wash at night

Just bought some nuetrogena 'clear skin' sunscreen that i can use this summer at summer camp that I will be working at

Hopefully the sun will do my face/back some good!

Also, I have been eating horribly terrible for the past two or so that might be a reason for the facial breakouts...trying to get back on track with that soon (oops!)

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