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Week 23 40Mg



No new actives, just lots of lingering bumps. I'm dry from head to toe except my nose which keeps pouring out oil, I have areas on my skin that keep kinda blistering and peeling and seem to never heal. I'm covered in scars and red marks that I'm really hoping will fade once I'm off the accutane.

The corner of my mouth has almost healed which is good

haven't washed my hair in a week and ecxema keeps trying to creep back in lol

My skin isn't getting better at all, I simply get big breakouts randomly that don't even coincide with my menstrual cycle anymore followed by a few days of just healing, all accutane has done is left my skin and body in a state

Basically lost all hope in accutane and will just have to try something else once I finished the last of my pills

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I am sorry it isn't working. I have tried the hormonal approach and it seems to be working. Birth control pills and spironolactone in combination is said to clear acne in 88% of women. A statistic I read in an online dermatological journal. Anywho, good luck and I hope you find a regimen that works soon.

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