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April 29, 2014

Erica Xu


It's been two and a half weeks with the regimen. Things are going just as Dan predicted: 1st week = sight improvement, 2nd week = perhaps a breakout, 3rd week = continuous improvement.

This week is a long travel: ~48 hours on my way in and out airports. I was almost sure that I will have a breakout from the lack of good rest. But I didn't! There is not new acne forming for the whole week, and I think the regimen contributed 100% to it. In the past, I would get breakout when I sleep after 3 am. And now I don't get that at all.

Things are going well and smooth. Now I'm basically just repeating the routine every morning and night and wait for the dark marks to fade. It would probably take months but that's ok :)

Glad I've found something that actually works and is very affordable at the same time. Thanks Dan!

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