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Just A Mid-1St Week Update...

Well, I ended up buying the 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide from CVS a few days ago. It is the Neutrogena brand "on the spot acne treatment". So, here is my regimen (I am trying to stay close to what this website recommends, without actually having to buy the products promoted on here)...

- Rinse face with water in the morning

- put on neutrogena moisterizer with spf 15 (I'm still on doxy and my skin is sensitive to sun, also I recommend an spf anyway so you don't have a lot of aging on your skin later!)

- makeup (yep, still use it...trying to phase it out, its a process)

-doxy with lunch and tons of water

- if i workout that day (4 times a week usually) then a noxzema salycitic acid pad on my back post workout

- wash face with neutrogena ultra hydrating, gentle face wash (creamy formula)...doesn't get all of my makeup off but like i said, i'm trying to phase out the makeup anyway

- wait 5-10 mins

- put on clindamycin phosphate lotion on back/face

- wait 10-15 mins

- put generous amount of 10% BP on back (it hasn't been drying out like i want it to yet...)

- put small dabs of 2.5% neutrogena BP on cysts and problem areas on face

- wait 10-15 mins

- use neutrogena oil free moisturizer for combination skin on face

(I don't use any moisturizer on my back....should I start doing this??)

anyway, there you have terribly long regimen that takes up most of my night haha

So far:

seeing slight improvement of cysts on face (reducing in size), but of course have terrrrrrible drying of face/peeling and redness :(

my back doens't seem to have changed at all... I know that I am supposed to you glycolic acid or something on it (the regimen) but I really want to keep it minimal on my back because its hard to reach back there as it is with all of the items that I have now.


tips/comments are appreciated

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