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Accutane/ Im Here To Help



Hello my beautiful people,

Wow i havent been on here for a long time. Well first off let me just start by saying Accutane has def. been a life saver. I did suffer from horrible horrible acne i did try all kinds of products from over the counter to going to the doctor to dermatologist.

I finished my Accutane in November 2012 so yes it has been a while. This year i did start braking out and i absolutly freaked out! I started calling my doctor trying to figure out why i was braking out! They did go away and now my face is back to normal...Good thing.

My point to this Blog is because i want you guys to be able to talk to someone i know how hard having acne can be i went through it. Especially being a female its hard i felt miserable literelly! I had NO ONE to help i mean my family couldnt help nobody in my fam had ever had it. My friends all had this perfect skin so it was hard. so If anyone males and females have any questions whatsover about accutane or any products ive tried ask me im more than happy to help you beautiful people :) So i hope you take this and please go read my blogs guys :)

Thanks <3

Vee :)

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when did you finally clear up? I'm on month 2, day 51...Ive had a bunch of breakouts so far but the last few days have been okay and possibly the beginning of getting clear

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the first 2 months my skin was dry and probably ending 3rd mth i started getting clear. The first few months are hard because your not used to it. But youll start seeing results. :)

Is your face dry?

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Hi Vee! Welcome back! I am so glad your breakout scare ended. I take spiro now and am basically off antibiotics. My skin is clear too, finally and I feel 100% better. I'd be happier if I had no scars but that is the way life goes. I have some other attractive qualities besides my face. I think we all do. You are a beautiful girl and I wish you the best! Peace!

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Hey! thanks

and yes my biggest priority now is my scars hate them. ive been trying to find products to help me with that. Thank you :)

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