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First Week On Doxy; Tomorrow I Start Spiro



So far the Doxy hasn't done anything yet but I was told it would take 4 to 6 weeks for improvement. I had a Jessners peel today. My second one. It was stronger than the first one I had a month ago. I got a script for Spiro today. 25 mg 2 x day. I also got some cortisone injections in the large cysts on my upper lip. My skin is all dry and flaky around my mouth now. The rest of my face looks like a sunburn.

I was supposed to lift tonight but I will go tomorrow instead. I am going to do a light workout

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I'm on spiro too. 50mgs a day with good results. I am only on week four and I love it. Way less oil on my skin. Good luck with spiro!

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