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Not Sure If I Should Change Things Up



15 days on Bactrim DS. Still no improvement whatsoever.

I'm still cleansing with the Cetaphil antibacterial gentle cleansing bar, applying Clindamycin in the mornings and Epiduo during the evenings, but continue waking up every day with the same flared up face. I even have red bumps on my forehead; I hadn't broken out on my forehead in months!!

My dad keeps pestering me about it. "You need to see a new dermatologist. I hate seeing you like this". I tell him I just started a new medication and that it's just taking a while to take effect.

I've actually been thinking about something - It doesn't seem like my topicals are doing anything anymore. That's how little a change I've seen in my skin.

My next derm appointment is in 3 weeks. I'm wondering if I should wait 'till then to see if Bactrim will start taking better effect (since so many people seem so positive it'll work), or if I should already try something new. Like I said, I'm cleansing with the Cetaphil soap bar, but my derm had actually recommended I cleanse with the Cetaphil DermaControl Foam Wash (it was just too expensive for me, even with the coupon). I'm really considering purchasing Fresh Farmacy by Lush again. I cleansed with that about a year ago and it cleared me up really well.

I've just got so much hyperpigmentation now, I'm really worried that waiting any longer for better results will damage my skin even more.

Photos today:

I noticed the lighting actually minimizes the redness I have. Especially on the left side, it's pretty bad. That affected area entirely red from pustules and cysts..

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