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Day 49 On Accutane!



So I'm day 49 into treatment and I can honestly say I am no better now if not slightly worse than what I started 49 days ago.

I know with this stuff you don't expect to see miracles straight away but I'm still getting a new spot everyday....what's going on??

I still have the rash on my hands and arms, and getting spots in random places such as behind my ear..and trust me that's sore!

I'm back at the dermatologist on the 2nd of April so no doubt my dose will go up and I will see if I should have started seeing slight improvement by now.

I must admit though I don't think about the pill anymore or get excited by it, I just take it and get on with it but by god this process feels like it's going so slow!!

No point posting pictures as there is no improvement, will post some more pix in the next couple of weeks

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