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Oral Contraception (Yasmin) In Conjunction With Oral Antibiotics

Hey guys.

Any female here taken oral contraception and topical antibiotics both oral and external ?

I'm on yasmin been on it since November last year because that's when I started to get those under the skin white heads to clear it. However it didn't work because 3 months now my skin broke out. I've been prescribed with minocycline and isotrex and still am taking yasmin !

Are all 3 effective in conjunction together ?? IS IT ALL TO DO WITH PATIENCE ?? I don't have patience hahaha and this is my first time dealing with a break out like this. Also my acne isn't cystic or nodule. It's just a breakout of the pustules all in one spot on the lower side of my cheek and jawline! Worse on the right than the left. Left is very mild!!

Damn u hormones!!

Can someone please give me their opinion and/or advice. Would really be appreciated honestly!!

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I have taken those treatments in combination. I was on demulen bc and tetracycline antibiotic. I was clear. I am recently getting back to hormonal treatments because in my opinion they work better than other medications. I am now on spironolactone. Yeah! I hope to get back on bc pills too but I have to shed a few pounds before I can begin.

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