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Week 3



Okay so its my third week on The Regimen. Around this time last week I was suffering from dry, flakey skin but with the help of my amazing Neutrogena power scrub and moisturizer I was able to get ride of the flakey skin within 2 or 3 days. Yay! Well my victory was short lived because my dry skin has come back in patches. I have a feeling I am going to be fighting dry skin for a while. Out of the cleanser, treatment, and moisturizer in the regimen kit I feel that the cleanser is the most drying on my skin though I've heard that for others its the treatment. On the plus side my skin is still clearing up each day, and the amount of oil I produce during the day is very little! I use oil absorbing sheets to manage my oil production through out the day. Before I started the regimen I would go through 1 and a half of a sheet from all the oil I had on my face. I was so grossed out to see that blue sheet go completely clear every time I used one. Now that I've been on the regimen for a couple of weeks I barley use up HALF a oil absorbing sheet! Yes I said HALF! I never knew that was possible for me! I love the fact I can go look in the mirror at school and not dread having to look at my shiny oily face every time! I have posted a picture of the scrub that has really helped me remove the dry, flakey skin fast in case anyone else is experiencing the same thing and is need of a good scrub to help them out!

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