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Week Three - The Storm Before The Calm



When comparing his acne from day 1, his back is looking better. His face is looking different. Some of it is better, some worse so it's hard to tell.

What I know for sure though is that he is getting teased in school and I'm very upset about that. Some kid came up to him today and said "What's on your face?" and proceeded to poke his cyst which as you know is quite painful. Jackass. My son should have told him it's highly contagious!

We went this morning to have his blood drawn so we can get more Accutane for next month. His follow up appointment is on Friday.

I had to pick him up early from school today because of a headache and nausea. He is feeling much better now.


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I had severe acne in high school and was teased about it. It is one of the reasons why I transferred to a new school even though I had been getting an elite education at a top private Minnesota prep school. I eventually just went on to college and later law school where I earned my juris doctor aka J.D. I finally have my acne under control but it has been a long and difficult battle. Just remind your son that the condition of his skin is temporary and never give up on combatting acne. It can be controlled through medications. Good luck mom!

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