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Day 152



Well I went to the gym this morning with no makeup on. Since I am so self conscious about my weight, I really didn't mind that much about my skin. The one I had on my right cheek a few days ago is gone. The cyst on my chin is gone, only the area is still a little discolored but it's fading really fast. However, since it's that time of month, I got a small pimple on my forehead above my right brow. It isn't huge and it isn't all that red but there is a tiny bump. I put medication on it for the night and I'm hoping it will be gone tomorrow. I hate when I get pimples on my forehead because it is so foreign to me. I hardly EVER get one there. My t-zone is always clear. Knock on wood.

I also tried a new makeup today: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. And I love it! I have yet to see if it will wreck havoc on my skin but I sincerely hope it doesn't because it's so gorgeous. My skin looks absolutely flawless. None of the PIH shows.

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i feel the same way, i usually get pimples on my cheeks and other places but my t-zone is almost always clear...when i get acne on the forehead or like between my eyes...its like i cant get into a good mood because like you said im so foreign to it

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