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Day 40 Accutane Clavaris



So my 25h birthday was a few days ago...I didnt want to do anything really because of these breakouts and I cant drink anyways. On top of that I got sick the day before my bday so I'm sneezing and blowing my nose which is irritating the skin in and arnd my nose..I was clogged up last night and my head felt so foggy. I feel a little better today fortunately but now I have a stupid canker soar in my mouth that stings!!! On top of all that Ive been getting new acne yea things kind of suck right now. I really thought I might of been one of those people who were like..."yea its day 30 im allll clleaar cant wait for the red marks to fade" since I had a few great weeks of decent clearness pre-tane but I've come to the realization that Ive been getting cystic acne on and off since I was 17 and this is what I have to do! My acne is antibiotic resistant, topicals are a joke...diets dont work, they help. I know I can do this, I literally need 7 days without new acne and I'll be good to go and clear enough to feel comfortable!! Please accutane, work faster!!!!!!!!!! Not like I have any other option anyways but this is definitely not easy right now...25 could be the best year Ive had in along time and I cant wait to be happy again

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I'm hoping for you that it'll get better...I'm in a similar situation with accutane right now. It's roughing up my skin and I hate how my skin looks right now. I barley want to go out in public :/ only when I have to lately.

Hopefully it'll get better within the next week or so!!!

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Happy birthday!! I just turned 25 on the 14th also....hope u get to feeling better soon. Remember its all worth it in the end, hang in there.

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