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Epiduo Week 2

My experience with Epiduo is going well so far. Going into week 2 my face was really red and very sensitive to almost anything. I had to keep manually exfoliating my face with my fingers in the shower because of the peeling and how dry it became. Also it didn't matter how long I waited after washing my face, the epiduo burned after I applied it and continued to burn for about 20 minutes after application.

As far as breakouts go, my face started breaking out more in week 2. I guess it is more IB's going on. A day or two after the breakouts they would start to clear up from the epiduo.

I am still breaking out, but not as much as I usually do. My face looks much better right now than it has looked before I started the epiduo. The cystic acne has completely stopped so far and my face is only slightly red but only for a few minutes after I wash my face. Even some of the marks/scarring is fading as well. Right now my forehead is almost completely clear, my blackheads are about 80% gone, and the rest of my face is a lot clearer than it was 2 weeks ago. I really hope that by the 4th week that my skin will be completely clear.


AM: Wash with Loreal sensitive skin wash, pat skin dry and then pat with a little water (as a "moisturizer" bc I can't use actual moisturizers) on my skin before I apply makeup.

PM: Use Ponds makeup removing wipes, wash with Loreal sensitive skin wash, and then apply Epiduo before I go to bed.

I am so glad I can follow such a simple routine I have always had to do some complicated step routine to try to get my skin clear, which never worked so this is definately making me happy.

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