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Stayed Home Today To Let Acne Marks Heal

So I know this might sound stupid or weak, but I stayed home today...mostly because of my acne.

I knew that for my recent acne red marks/ scabs to heal, I had to moisturize them and not wear makeup.. I just couldn't bear to even slap on makeup and go through my whole day making my face worse (potentially).

This is why I hate acne...It makes me cowardly and so self-conscious. I'm really hoping that this 2nd week was my Initial Breakout (kind of like last time) and that now that my (overly long) period is also ending, my skin will start to heal and my acne will subside.

I have to go to work and run errands tomorrow...so I really don't have a choice about slapping on makeup, but maybe the night to rest and moisturize will do my skin some good. I really frickn' hope. I'm driving 8 hours to go see family on Sunday, so I might give my face a chance to rest all Saturday too. :/

Thoughts? Advice? I'm all ears!

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I would consult my dermatologist about the risks/benefits of make-up. There are some make-up brands that are specially formulated for acne prone skin. Neutrogena healthy skin line comes to mind. I hope I haven't upset you, that was not my intention with this comment. I just don't want you to lose any benefits accutane is giving you. PEACE!

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