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My Hormone Levels For Record

Documenting my current hormone levels- 11 weeks on Spiro and Yasmin and the start of Pregnenolone and Liver Detox that should help with hormone processing


LC/MS/MS 52 H RANGE 2-45 ng/dl (Clearly very high hence my use of SPironolactone)

FREE TESTOSTERONE 3.1 RANGE 0.1-6.4 pg/mL- Free Testosterone and DHT are the big bad guys, so both of them are in pretty decent mid range so Spiro has been helping


LC/MS/MS 20 RANGE IS 5-46 ng/dL

PREGNENOLONE, LC/MS/MS 8 ng/dL RANGE 7-188ng/dl for women Premeopausal

I'm extremely low on the scale of Even postmenopausal have higher amounts.

DHEA SULFATE 156 RANGE 40-325 mcg/dL- Good shape with this. Even if the Pregnenolone converts any I should be ok

ESTRADIOL 22 RANGE Luteal Phase: 56-214- Clearly very low. However still higher than

PROGESTERONE .05 RANGE Luteal Phase 2.1-44 Um can we say WHAT? No wonder I have no period on my own.

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I am on spiro too. I have to get my dose upped next week which means on 3/20 I have to get a blood test to determine my potassium levels. If the test is normal, which I'm hoping it will be, my dose of spiro will increase. I am already seeing some progress with my spiro. Peace!

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