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Epiduo Week 1

I just went to a new derm a week ago and she prescribed me Epiduo. Everyday I wash with Loreal sensitive skin, non-medicated wash and at night I apply a pea sized amount of Epiduo. I have Ulcerative Colitis so unfortunately I am unable to take any oral meds because of the condition of my UC.

Before I started Epiduo my entire face was broken out. There was not a even a spot on my face that was clear. I didn't have but like 2 or three cystic pimples. The rest were clogged pores, like little tiny pimples all over my forehead, cheeks, chin, and jawline. They wouldn't clear up no matter what I used and my face was really dull looking.

Being a week into Epiduo I can say that I have broken out more than I was. I had a cluster of cystic pimples appear on my left cheek, most of them are gone but there are two that are still under the skin that have not come to a head yet. My right side of my face has two cystic pimples and they are under the skin as well. This is the bad part of Epiduo so far.

The good news about using Epiduo is that almost my entire forehead is clear, my blackheads in my nose, around my nose, and on my chin are almost completely gone. Also my derm wanted my skin to peel, kind of like a sunburn and it is doing that as well.

I really hope that my skin stops breaking out and starts to clear up soon. I know these things take time but I have been on retinoids for almost a year up until a month ago when I stopped using Retin-A because of how sensitive it was making my skin. So hopefully I don't have that much gunk in my skin that Epiduo has to bring to the surface.

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Epiduo is a great drug. I don't think epiduo could be causing you cysts though.

I agree it is great so far and yeah the epiduo was causing me cysts but so far they have completely stopped.

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