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8 Months



Just checking in, nothing new to report, except tat my scars are really starting to fade now :). Feeling really comfortable in my skin now. Even my small pitted scars, about three or four, are starting to fill in a bit and look more even. I guess time really can heal all wounds. I think this may be due to my dedication to using differin every night, I might take one night off, but on the whole I use it consistently and apply my salicylic acid serum during the day ( its lovely, light weight, invisible and not drying at all). I'm really happy with my regimen now, it has been consistent for the last few months and it's easy..I know when I need more moisture and what my skin can tolerate. I have also been taking a new vitamin c supplement that claims to ensure that all the vitamin is absorbed in to the body, apparently normal tablets are not absorbed well, this is in a paste and you mix it with water. I have also been using the same brand b vitamin supplement as well..studies have shown that over a four week period those taking the vitamin c seen improvements to their skin..I don't know how true this is, but I have been using it for 2-3 months now and I really like it. I also began a new anti depressant about two months ago (after being off another brand for a few months) and I really do feel great for it, that dread seems to be fading away and I am starting to feel much more like the old me :). Anyway I can't think much more to write except to let you know I am doing well and give others hope who are starting out on this hard journey.


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