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Accutane Clavaris Day 26 -- 80 Mg



So its been about a week since I last posted. I had a really busy week and at the same time my skin was clearing up. This is what accutane has been for me as far as break outs. Day 1-5 was very clearing for me. Day 6-13 I had a bad initial break out. Day 14-24 I got very minimal acne so by day 22, 23, 24, 25 I was looking pretty good which was awesome!! Yesterday I felt another round of deep cytic bacteria invading my face. One really big deep painful one I can feel and see on my cheeck and well as a few smaller new ones which will cause the usual embarrassment. I would consider this my 2nd break out on accutane, so far its not nearly as bad as the first break out but I was getting use to clearish skin for a few days there! I'm getting closer to the goal! Also at the point the side effects barely bother me..having dry skin seems normal now and wayy better than having oily skin and just the fact the I know im going to clear up gives me so much hope!!! I'll keep you updated and will post pictures soon. Also normally I cant eat anything without break out but Ive been eating whatever and staying up late if I want and it doesnt make a difference because excess oil is not bing produced and clogging my pours. The acne Im getting currently is old deep bacteria being pushed out.

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