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Retin A Micro Week 12



This is the end of my updates on this product for now, because I've started on Accutane.

I tried continuing to use the retin-a micro while on Accutane, but I'm a couple weeks in and it's just making my skin wayyy to dry now. I tried spot treating with a hydrating salicylic acid lotion and saw dramatic improvements in my skin almost immediately. The retin-a micro was just making my skin too dry, crepe-ish, and flaky. Also my acne was much worse on it, than it had been with other over the counter acne products.

In summary, I had an initial breakout, and experienced breakouts in very unusual places on my face. My skin never cleared; my forehead was a wreck (when usually it's clear) and my skin was uncomfortably dry and peeling a lot of the time, and very red. I did notice a dramatic lessening of hyperpigmentation, which is really great. I would continue trying to let my skin adjust to it, but the Accutane is preventing me for now. I will resume with this product when I'm done my course of Accutane in a few months. :)

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