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How I've Cured My Acne So Far After 4 Years Of Suffering!



Ok I know a lot of you guys suffering from acne may have tried it all like I did. I've done everything you could probably think of. I've had appointments from dermatologists ,acupuncturists, and naturopaths and nothing they've suggested have cleared my skin for more than a week! I've tried being a vegan. Consuming no gluten exercising and taking any hormonal supplement u can think of and it didn't clear me completely! I started drinking 4 liters of filtered lemon water daily over 3 months ago and my skin was getting better but not 100% I'm about to tell you what worked FOR ME (1) I used oil it can be jojoba or Oliveoil as a cleanse(2) use face towel with warm water and gently clean your face (3) do this atleast twice a week: boil water and steam your face 1-3 mins (4 ) this is the most important step! Get half a lemon squeeze as much juice as you can and add 1/4 of water to dilute it. Use cotton balls to apply this mixture over your face. If u have a couple of active marks, apply tea tree oil only on the active pimples! Remember do step 4 morning and night! As a reminder face my sting in the beginning if it's unbearable wash off and add a rational amount of water to the mixture! Don't forget to apply moisturizer after lemon water!! Preferably (jojoba oil) atleast an hr after applying lemon water to your face!!This has seriously helped me I haven't had a horrible cystic pimple in over 2 1/2 weeks. I'm no professional I just want to help others because acne ruined my self esteem I know I it feels and if this doesn't work for you don't give up! Stay positive youll find an end to that bitch acne!

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You lost me at olive oil on your face. I sounds to me like you are steaming your pores open and then pushing fatty oils inside creating a breeding ground for acne. You will develop cosmetic acne over time if you continue down this path. I think you should try dermatology again and resist the temptation to invent home remedies.lmao-god are you dumb!

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