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Anyone Else Ever Reacted To Drinking Lemon Water?



Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has ever had a skin reaction from drinking lemon water? I am on day 2 and today washed my face like I always do and had very blotchy red bumpy skin and a bunch of red patches. But already two times I have made a lemon/egg white face mask and had no problems. Can someone tell me if I should stop drinking the lemon water or if these skin rashes will go away on their own.

Thanks so much


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Thats weird that you say that. I started drinking lemon water with cayenne pepper. I have a strange zit like rash on my right cheek. I never get little red dots. They are usually deep cysts. Lemon water is a great detoxifer maybe its detoxing thru your skin?

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I don't know. I've always drank lemon water ever since i went on FullyRaw diet. instead of juices, or cokes or store-made smoothies, i drink lemon water, but it doesn't react to my skin. If it gives you such a reaction, you should stop drinking it. It may lead to something worse.

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Thanks guys! Woke up today and rash has mostly gone still a bit of redness but not too bad, and last night I took the lemon juice and put it right on the inside of my arm and nothing no reaction at all. So now I'm not sure but your right it could just be detoxifying so my skin will go thru some changes before it's better ;)

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