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27 Week






No make up on




with Bare Minerals make-up

It has been awhile since my last update. I still get pimples, usually once a month a few will break out. I find this to be hormonal and guess I have to ride it out since I won’t take birth control or anything to help with my hormones. I am still using the BP, the Cetaphil face wash and moisturizer along with the cetaphil sunscreen. I use the retin-a at night on my forehead and nose. Then I dilute the retin-a with the Cetaphil moisturizer and put that on the rest of my face. I bounce between Bare Minerals & Napoleon Perdis make-up.

Acne wise, I feel it is hormonal until that evens out, the acne will continue to break me out. I feel the retin-a was too strong for my lower face, but is fine for my forehead and nose. I was so oily (throughout the day and when I woke up in the morning) prior to starting retin-a and now I am not so oily in those areas. I am hoping diluting the product will still help clear the acne discoloration I have and using full strength on my nose/forehead will keep the oil at bay and also help with my forehead wrinkle. I feel I have premature aging horizontal lines on my forehead and I haven’t seem much difference in the retin-a helping with those. I did just get botox injections on Thursday to help with those (can we tell I have a problem with aging? lol).

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