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Naturopath And Lab Results Coming Soon



Well I have my naturopath appointment is today. I will also be receiving my stool sample results. She apparently believes that my acne is from chronic inflammation and an imbalanced gut flora. As a teenager I did not have to much cystic acne. As a child I was put on antibiotics a couple of times for an extended period. Then around the age of 18 I was put on doxycycline then minocycline. Well didn't work.

So from my previous post. The large cyst on my chin had gone down. Today is a bit bigger and now turned a dark color (which is impossible to coverup btw). I have small zits on my right cheek, almost like a rash. I scheduled a dermatologist appointment for an injection. It's been about two weeks and it has not gone away. I usually would leave it alone but my husband is working out of the country right now. Me and my son are visiting him in the middle of February. The last time he saw me my skin was clear. So I want to make sure I don't have any bumps. I hate needles geez thats why I also tend to stay away from injections.

Anyways I will update tonight after my appointment.

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So apparently I have high levels of gamma strepoccous( probably spelled wrong) I was put on high dose probitics, grapeseed extract, and tanalbit. I also was given a glyolic acid toner which btw I just tried awesome! My skin feels smooth. I used one before from Mario Baedsucu (spelled wrong) and it did not give me the same feeling. i have follow up in 3 weeks we shall see how it goes.....

Btw my huge cyst on my chin just drained. I suspect that is why it got big again. So might be cancelling my injection. Fingers crossed it keeps draining on its own.

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Praise god that you were able to find the imbalance and start the right path of correcting it!! I pray this is the end of the acne battle for you!! I too have just started an extremely clean diet. I also need to start taking probiotics. I know our skin will be clear in no time! Keep us updated with your treatment!! Have a great day!!!! -----------Victoria

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Thank you I really appreciate your optimism. I really hope that this is it as well. I feel like I have been running around in circles these past 12 years that I'm not fully believing yet. I can only be hopeful though. I have an appointment in three weeks will update.

Maybe its just me but I had been doing pretty well with my diet but ever since I was told I could not have certain foods I feel like I crave them more. Haha. Good luck to you as well and I will certainly update. Even if it just helps one person, I would be glad.

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