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Can Someone Please Give Me Some Advice!



I had two acne cortisone injections about 2 weeks ago by the derm that I work for.

I have a small indent, about the size of a pea where a huge cyst was injected at left lower corner of mouth and a very very slight dent from one injected on chin. I have had many,many cyst in my day and they have never scarred me. i have also had a bunch of these injections in the past and have never experienced this. Plus our pts get them all the time without ever hearing this complaint although I was very aware that this can be a S/E. I drew up the injection myself, as i always do, so I know for a fact it was the correct dosage! I know that this is temporary so how long did it take for yours to fill in?? I prayed that it would fill in quickly. Please, positive answers as this is quite distressing to me. Going to stay positive and hopeful that it will fill back in in no time! Thanks for your answers and praying for clear skin for all!!

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Ice pick scars fade over time as you shed dead skin cells. No, they wont "fill in" but they may be worn down over a period of months. Using a retinoid like differin or Retin-A can help increase the rate at which dead skin cells turnover. I am no doctor but it sounds to me like you could benefit from an antibiotic *cephalexin or amoxicillin". I have had these injections in the past and they don't ever help me. These words represent my opinion and nothing more. Microdermabrasion may also help but first you need to get the breakouts under control with an aggressive regimen. Best of luck!

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Fat atrophy is supposedly temporary, just curious how long it took anyone else's atrophy from cortisone shots to fill in. This is not an acne scar that I'm talking about. I believe this will fill in given some time. Just want to know how long before collagen starts rebuilding??

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Hi Val, can you please let me and let us know how you went. I am sure you can be of great help to a lot of desperate people like myself who recently got the shots.

Thanks a lot

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