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Daily Updates Are On The Cards

So next day, and my skin is definitely having a breakout, just lots of white heads forming. Super frustrating as I have some events coming up over the next few weeks which I would have loved being clear (not including the damn PIH which doesn't fade even slightly on my skin) for. Still let's soldier on and try and stay positive! After all, it's future me that I'm looking out for here...

Hopefully this is the last breakout and Differin (and my persistence) works some kind of magic out.

Also if people are interested in my facial routine (probably not):

Morning in this order:

Dove Deep clean face scrub

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

No7 moisturiser with Spf15


Dove Deep clean face scrub

0.1% Differin

Occasionally Tea Tree Oil

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