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Within A Few Months Sophia Lost Nearly 23 Pounds



During her studies at the gymnasium Sophia started taking laxatives, diuretics as according to the recommendations of Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Program. Sometimes it is a day lost to 9 kg, mainly due to the fluid. Her body became so exhausted that she could not stand up straight when standing, and almost could not speak. She often had to provide emergency assistance.

"Sometimes during the day I did not eat anything, and when I started there, it felt such guilt and was so hungry that I could not stop," - she said. One friend gave her the idea of artificial vomiting, and Sophia made a discovery that can eat large portions of food and do not gain weight if after eating rid of it.

"Within a few months I lost nearly 23 pounds and finally weighed only 40 kilograms. I started losing his hair strands intact teeth become brittle. But I've never felt so beautiful and confident, physically relaxed, completely get rid of the fat layers, reduced to the size of the skeleton.

“After graduating from high school Sofia beginning to take a healthier eating, but continued to arouse vomiting and restrict calories to not weigh more than 47 kg.”Fat, I cannot bear, - she said. This feeling is so strong and inspires such despair that much worse than the horror of what I'm doing with them.

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