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Some Are Just Happy With Any Weight



After all, you can and plan and record yourself on paper rolls with the purchase of 10 kilograms of vanilla and candy! In fact, it all depends on what type of customers do you feel about, say the study's authors. According to them, people are divided into these categories:

Controllers. Despite the fact that they never make impulsive purchases and cannot be tempted by the specials, they have a little extra weight. This is because they are too fixated on food with flexible planners. Compile lists and plan purchase, but give yourself the freedom to choose. Are likely to have a healthy weight because they do not feel left out, their body does not live in the "hunger." Not perverts.

They do not think about what to eat and buy. Some of them do it because they have the nature of a healthy weight, and some are just happy with any weight. Impulsive buyers, such spontaneous buyers make a choice depending on what they want and what is in store offers.

Most often, they have excess weight, but they cannot fight with him. Early to bed and early to rise, apparently, it is useful not only for health, but also for the figure! Sleep journal published a study of Australian scientists who controlled 2200 adolescents from 9 to 16 years: experts recorded bedtime and rise and compared their weight and how they spend their leisure time.

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