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Violent Behavior And Madness

The influences our behavior on the full moon

Throughout human history, the full moon has always been related to emotional imbalances, violent behavior and madness.

No wonder that the full moon is the moon of passionate lovers, the serial killers, werewolves and various creatures of national folklore.

It is believed that during the full moon; increase the number of violent crimes, suicides and hospitalizations in hospices.

The full moon is also related to fertility and it is not uncommon for nurses and doctors believe that most women give birth at full moon.

In the field, many farmers consult the moon before planting or pruning, as well as in salons lots of people do the same in time to cut the hair. But do these lunar myths resist science data?

Today is not that scientists seek correlations between the full moon and human behavior.

With regard to births during a full moon, the Brazilian physicist Fernando Lang ad Silviers was the one who put the myth to the test, in his work entitled "Tides, Moon Phases & Baby" (the final version of the paper, published in Brazilian tender Physics

Teaching using data from 93,000 registered students in competitions UFRGS and comparing them with the lunar tables of the National Observatory

Fernando Lang, could see that there was no correlation between the number of births and the phase of the moon

In Spain a similar study was neither conducted at Hospital de Cruces, in the city of Baracaldo nor detected any increase in the number of births during a full moon.

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