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Week 9 Update



This update is a few days late, but I couldn't get my prescription for a few days. Damn iPledge makes it so complicated!

Anyways...first week on 30 mg. I can tell I am a little more dry than when I was on 20 mg (which I expected)

I did have a mini breakout. 2 little pimples around my chin/mouth area. That seems to be the only part of my face where I've broken out since starting accutane. More of my blackheads and pores are coming out too which is unbelievably satisfying haha but I still have a bunch that are just sitting dormant and I'm scared they are all going to become big ones.

I had a minor headache the first couple of days..similar to when I first started accutane. I'm not sure if thats normal but it went away so I'm hoping it wasn't anything serious.

Still using Avene Clean-AC face wash which I absolutely love. It is very hydrating and gentle on my face and is meant for accutane users. Also still using Clinique Intense Moisture Surge and it is fantastic as always! Face and hair oil is basically non-existent (and good riddance!) so I'm just using Tresemme Moisture Rich shampoo and conditioner to help with the dryness.

So happy to finally be in the 3rd month where the magic is (supposedly) really going to happen!! *fingers crossed*

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