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Week 1 On Accutane



So I've just started accutane 20mg a week ago along with E-mycin. The results so far have been pretty good. Have had no side effects, I used a lip balm from day one even tho my lips weren't dry and that has helped. The majority of my pimples are gone already, I just have a lot of redness from the acne. So far so good. Will update next week

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Into week 3 on accurate, I have no new pimples, all existing ones are gone, my face is looking awesome, just a little bit of redness still left over. My lips are dry but they aren't peeling or cracking. They just feel dry, still look normal tho. I started applying lip balm on day 1 rather then wait for the dry lips to come and it seemed to work. My skin is pretty dry, as far as going out in the sun goes I'm a surfer so they can't stop me, I just apply 50+ and I never get burnt. But so far all is going really well

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