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Day 8 Week 2



Day 8 week 2

Side effects:

Dry face and hands

Tight feeling

Sensitive back

Skin changes:

More breakouts on both cheeks and jawline

Previous breakouts are healing

Products used:

Aquafor lip repair

Eucerin hand cream

Absorica 20 mg

Cetaphil cream

Cetaphil cleanser

Overall thoughts:

My mom said that my skin looked better! I personally haven't noticed anything but maybe that's because I'm looking at it so much haha. I have gotten two cysts on each cheek. Very painful. Also two on my jawline that feel like little balls under the skin. One good thing is that I've noticed my already existing pimples are healing. They are still red but not "new breakout" red if you know what I mean. Mainly my cheeks have painful breakouts. And also I've been using much more moisturizer. My lips aren't flaking but are very tight and it hurts to smile. And my hands are dry and flaky and had little rashes yesterday. My lower back is sensitive and hurts very easily.

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