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Day 17



Got a new whitehead on the right side of chin, no biggy though, pretty small. Shaved and got really dry after assuming it was the hot water on the open pores. Cetaphil is working great, I just find it very thick and it leaves extra white lotion on my face. I do it goes away in a few minutes as my skin absorbed it. Haven't had dry eyes in a while. Thats all thats really new!

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I like that you are posting everyday, keeps people honest. I started Day 1 today at 40mg and of course haven't experienced anything. Waiting for the dry lips and the other weird side effects. Keep up with posting because you are ahead of me. I know everyone is different and will react differently but hearing others journey's is good to hear. Hope things work for you. By the way, did you have mild, moderate or severe acne? I have mild that has been pretty under control with Doxy and Trentenoin but I had to get off the antibiotics.

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Thanks a lot! I want to keep doing this so one day I can look back. I would say my acne has been higher than moderate but not to serve if thats a thing :P My acne always seems to fluctuate, one week I'll be nice and clear and the other week I'll explode with zits!

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