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Day 77



I managed to get through the wedding on Wednesday. With makeup on, my skin looked pretty clear because I had no bumps. I was clear yesterday too. I was clear for half the day today but around 2, I realized I had a bump on my left cheek. It was really red and didn't have a head but I was able to squeeze all the junk out. Maybe not the best idea, but I didn't damage any skin. There's still a bump there and I am wearing makeup but maybe by tomorrow it will be gone. Otherwise, my skin has been very dry. Since I can't be consistently clear, I am thinking about maybe changing my diet or taking some kind of supplement or vitamin. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Ok, first of all, you are a very attractive young woman. Second of all, don't disturb pimples, let them heal naturally. I have read that breaking a pimple causes a rupture in the pore underneath the top layer of dermis and causes the infection to spread. Third, get on an antibiotic. I recommend Amoxil or Keflex because that is what has worked for me and I've had severe cystic scarring type acne. Now I don't. If memory serves me correctly you are on Dan Kern's regimen? Correct me if I am wrong. A benzoyl peroxide regimen is good but if you are still getting breakouts you need both an oral and a topical antibiotic. Please see a dermatologist. One more thing, I recommend Amoxil and Keflex because they don't cause nausea or candida. I have been on Amoxil and Keflex for three years straight with no side-effects. I never get cysts anymore and if I get even one tiny whitehead, it goes away on its own overnight. My face is smooth. Don't be afraid to let a doctor treat your condition. Take the leap forward! Good luck!

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