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Month 2 Update



Month 2 down...

Had my derm appointment today and she is bumping me up from 20mg/day to 30 mg/day. She initially wanted to keep me on 20 but I don't want to end up being on accutane for longer than 6 months so I asked if I can be bumped up a little bit.

Good news is that I didn't breakout at all this week. Everything is reallllly slowing down! I still have some of those little tiny bumps (blackheads, closed pores and whatnot) but my dermatologist said that those won't go away until the end of treatment. I think I'm done getting any of those big nasty ones though which is super exciting!!

Side effects:

- Still having lower back pain and other joint stiffness after I workout

- Facial skin isn't that dry - Clinique Intense Moisture Surge works wonders!!

- However, body skin is dry. I have a patch of eczema on my arm so my derm prescribed me a cream to help that

- Couple of weeks ago I had some upper eye pain but that seems to have gone away

- Lips are dry but not unmanageable at all - Still using blistex medicated balm and aquaphor at night

Thats about it! It seems as though the worst part is over :) Good luck to everyone else!

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