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10 Month Update On The Regimen + Updated Foundation Routine



Hey everyone! Happy new years (eve) biggrin.png! Finally have the chance to post a thing or two since school has been out for winter break.

Lets get started :>


1. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

HOLY@#$%^. I have known about this foundation for a long time. However, I always thought it was a foundation meant for those who have already near perfect skin. Now that my skin has calmed down loads (knock on wood) I wanted to give this a shot. Also, I'm damn yellow and my Estee Lauder double wear foundation oxidized during the day which bugged me a lot. I still love it but the minor orange cast at the end of the day was something I didn't particularly care for. My shade is punjab for this foundation.

2. NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer

One of my main concerns now are my huge ass under eye bags. I know, my fault, I stay up all night because...WELL I CAN. Anyway, they're out of control and this concealer provided lovely coverage and moisture to use under the eyes. A new staple for me. My shade is custard.

3. Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Concealer

My new favorite spot concealer. People get confused about concealers. I honestly cannot use the same type of concealer for my under eyes. This is much too heavy for using under the eyes but it's perfectly opaque and an awesome color match for my skin - Medium 52.

4. Cover FX blotting powder

The setting powder I've been using since...forever basically. I've hit pan on like 4 of these and I haven't yet found anything else that tickles my fancy. I use the shade in light.

5. Makeup Forever Mist & Fix

Love setting sprays! I actually tried the urban decay ones but those broke me out. So I decided to try another brand and yay! This one does the job with NO breakouts in sight. Locks in my makeup and takes away the powdery/cakey look that can often happen since I like to really pack it on bahahhaa.


Jesus. 5 hours of sleep does not look good on me AHAHAHA sigh. Anyway, I have uneven skintone with redness here and there. On my right cheek for some reason I have a lot of freckles. Not sure where the hell those came from since I never go outside. Seriously, I'm like always inside some building (school, work, home etc).


What I love about my new foundation items/routine is that my makeup actually looks like second skin. Sounds weird but what I'm saying is that it looks like my skin but better...which I honestly never thought I could pull off. It's not 100% full coverage where I look mask-like but it's enough coverage to even everything out and look polished. The day I can get my skin to actually look like this without makeup will be so awesome.


Here's my every day makeup look. I'm pretty damn satisfied with it.

Skin update

As you can probably see from above my skin has really calm down. I still will get a freak breakout occasionally but you know what? I honestly don't give a $#!t. From having consistent painful breakouts to having a breakout or two occasionally means I really don't have anything to complain about. I have a realistic outlook on my skin. I know I won't have 100% clear skin since I'm not on accutante or even birth control. And you know what? I am okay with that. I use to think that the only acceptable goal for my skin was being 100% clear. That's dumb. If I kept that as my one and only goal then I would never be happy with the progress I've made in the past 10 months.

Many of you guys are struggling emotionally and I can empathize. How I've coped is extremely factorial. Take yourself away from people who are toxic - do they make you feel horrible about your skin? Forget about them. Know that you don't deserve such immature treatment. I don't spend my time around people who tell me my skin sucks or people who make me feel sorry for myself because I don't have perfect skin. Sometimes when I read your stories, I get so frustrated at how you guys are treated and the comments you receive.

Don't act on what you THINK others assume about you. You'd be surprised on how wrong you are about people. What you THINK and what actually is reality are two totally different things. Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? If you think someone is looking down at you for your skin then your behavior towards them will reflect that. You probably won't act friendly, you'll act isolated which in turn will cause that person to perceive you as unapproachable so they'll distance themselves from you. Then you're wondering why no one wants to socialize with you which confirms your OWN and FALSE perception of what others are assuming of you. Then the vicious cycle continues.

Re-read that last paragraph until you can comprehend it. Yes I'm sober. My sociology professor would be damn proud of me.

Be around others who aren't douche bags. Like seriously, don't chase after others who have nothing nice to say to you. I don't care if they're bangin' hot. There's no way someone can look that attractive with a shtty personality. Acne isn't something we chose to have but I'd rather have acne than a damn ugly and disgusting personality.

Others have said it's hard to make friends or even pursue a relationship with a potential girlfriend/boyfriend. You need to understand that relationships are NOT tangible items. You can't physically touch a relationship. It exists because the parties involved believe it exists and maintain it through their behaviors, thoughts and feelings. You're telling me you want to have an intimate relationship with someone but it's too hard - you're too scared/hesitant to do so because of your acne so you don't do a thing to try? Don't assume with others think and act upon those assumptions.

For those who are cynical and are thinking - "well your skin isn't BAD so it's easy for you to say."

I'm living proof that you can get over your acne to do what you want. Stop holding yourself back because of your skin.

I hope everyone is doing well and that the new year brings more ups than downs. Sorry this post isn't cheery but I think ending the last blog post of the year on an honest note was fitting. Feel free to PM me if anything guys. See you next time!

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