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Day 49 Of Roaccutane

Today is my seventh week on roaccutane (isotretinoin).

So far, I am not particularly optimistic, due to the fact my acne is 5x worse than when it started. However I will give the pills credit in the sense that my side effects haven't been too bad, and it appears that the acne that appears heals quicker than perhaps before. Only a little quicker, but noticeably so.

I've had the whole dry lips, dry nose, dry skin shenanigans, but this is nothing that a bit of Carmex lipbalm and some Diprobase haven't calmed down, and my eczema is bearable. I'm prone to eczema anyway, so it's only in the usual places of behind my knees and on my arms. My hair is a bit brittle, but this is coming from an unnatural blonde so I hold previous bleaching responsible too :) I've had the odd nosebleed but it's not gushing blood, it's very obvious that my nose is just a bit dry. If I was seeing improvement, I barely would've noticed all these side effects!

That being said, my face is currently a mess of infected open wounds, so I'm not the happiest bunny around. I have my next appointment on the 2nd of January though, so I'll be sure to have a bit of a chat about what I can apply topically or any tips for controlling what I presume is my initial breakout (though I'm pretty sure I've been on my initial breakout since about 8 days in).

Not the happiest update, but nonetheless I will stick to it and can only hope it will show improvement in a few weeks smile.png

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