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Week 7 Update



Merry [early] Christmas everyone!

I wanted to do a week 7 update since a few people asked about the Clinique Moisture Surge lotion I bought last week. So far I absolutely love it! It makes my face feel soooo soft and silky. Sometimes at night I have to double up for extra moisture but I don't mind that. It goes on really nicely under makeup too. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good moisturizer :)

As for my skin, I had another breakout this week. Seems to happen every other week now, which seems to be a trend with accutane users. They were just a few pimples on the right side of my lower cheek/near my mouth. They are now healing but of course I will be left with pretty red scars on my face :( One good thing is, I haven't had a cystic pimple since I started treatment. I rarely ever got them before I started anyways so that could be why I haven't gotten one.

Other side effects -> still having lower back pain which is super annoying. And a new side effect that I just started noticing this past week is pain behind my eyes. Its nothing unbearable but I notice it when I move my eyes upwards. It very well could be from watching Netflix on my laptop all week since I'm on winter break haha but if it persists, I'm going to go to my eye doctor. I know its most likely a side effect from the accutane but I'm hoping its not so severe that I would have to stop the drug. I refuse to stop at this point!!

Hope everyone else's treatment is going great and enjoy the holidays :)

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