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1 Month



It's been two weeks to the day since my last entry, so I guess that makes today the one month mark! Yay! Acne has definitely improved. I was even clear for a few days but have just begun a new breakout. Mild, yet irritating.

Forehead is clear, 1 pimple on my hairline on the right side, 1 healing pimple on my chin and 2 pimples by my nose on my left side. These two pimples, which would be small on their own, are forming 1 large pimple. I hate when that happens. I'm applying heat to try to coax a head out of them so I can clean them out before christmas.

Other than that, my skin is very smooth and soft. Makeup goes on very well and stays on all day. Oil production is balanced. I still have loads of hyperpigmentation but with all the exfoliation I'm doing, I can see them fading slowly but surely.

I am not using my kojic acid soap daily as after a few days it was making my face rather tight-feeling and caused my glycolic acid cream to really sting! I didn't want to over-exfoliate so I only use that every so often now.

Nothing much to report here. But acne is getting better. I'll have little waves of breakouts but they seem to become smaller and smaller which is great. The glycolic acid doesn't itch anymore, which I'm thankful for. It will cause a slight sting (which I prefer over the itch) but only lasts 30 seconds. I still can't be seen without makeup, as the hyperpigmentation alone is aweful, but give it just a few months and I think I'll be looking at a brand new face. I really do believe that.

On another note, I am proud of myself for one thing. I have finally come to peace with my acne. Though it has been at it's worst the past few months, I no longer slink into depression or cancel plans because I can't bear to look another in the eye. I've really come to the realization that no one else cares if I have acne. Acne doesn't affect how other people treat me, my friends and family love me just the same. My husband loves me just the same. The acne can only affect me and my attitude. And when I let myself become upset about it, then I become ugly. But when I let myself feel beautiful, then I am.

Acne no longer controls my mood or emotions. I think that was the bigger battle won and I'm proud of myself for that.

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