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2 Weeks 4 Days 10Mg



Hi there I'll be documenting my progress on my low dose accutane course and hope to hear from others on a low dose course as it would be great to compare experiences with progress, effects etc

For the time being I will be taking 10mg and plan to up my dose to 20mg after a few months if needed. I suffer from mild yet very persistent cystic acne and terribly clogged and congested skin

I believe I am experiencing my initial breakout however I usually always breakout around 'that time of the month' so this is probably my normal pms breakout being worsened by the accutane

Only now am I starting to notice a small decrease in oil and dryness particularly on my forehead, however I am very body conscious and noticed other side effects straight away the worst being a huge slowing down of healing with acne lesions taking foreverrr to heal and scars don't seems to fade at all now! Mild headaches for the first week which have disappeared now and joints clicking an awful lot more too

That's all for now& will be updating roughly every week :)

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